Tomi Lahren, the beef industry and COOL 

My first content blog is about the beef industry – go figure! It certainly was not planned that way, but that’s what happens when we plan. I feel this is a very important topic  to cover concerning the Tomi Lahren video about American Cattlemen because some of you may have seen it mentioned in my previous blog. I decided the video needed its own post to do the beef industry, and the hardworking cattlemen and women in the industry, justice. This was also a great learning experience about the beef industry as well as how powerful social media is.

Tuesday evening a video by Tomi Lahren showed up on Facebook featuring the American Cattlemen. Finally… cattlemen and women are getting some attention they deserve.

Was it the right attention, though? 

Yes, I will admit, that video drew you in, and got you excited. If I were a betting person, I think that is why it got so many shares and a ton of engagement on Facebook. It was drawing attention to the cattle industry.

She mentions some correct concerns the beef industry has, but she failed to mention some key points and was missing facts and information. After thinking about it there was a lot more to the story than just Mexico and imports.

A post by Just Meg caught my eye the next day, and I invite you to check out her post because she shed light on the real story of what’s going on with COOL and beef industry. I was able to dig deeper from this post in order to share with you all.

Thank you for setting the record straight! Below are some condensed, key facts about COOL from her post as well as other sources. Links to both the Tomi Lahren video and the intial talk with Bill Bullard, where the video took shape, are in the Cattle Network link.

Infographic by Sarah Calhoun. Shared from Just Meg blog post. 
  • Imports are not a bad thing.
  • COOL is very expensive and “could get VERY messy.”
  • The drought played more of a role in downsizing of herds than COOL did. 
  • Australia, Canada and New Zealand were/are leading importers of beef, not Mexico.
  • Price is what people are concerned about, generally speaking, not another label.

Here are some other great resources to check out:

One last thing…

These men and women are up before the sun doing chores, and do not get back in the house until after dark most nights. Cattlemen and women are truly amazing people for their work ethic, drive, motivation and, most of all, their compassion for the livestock they take care of 365/24/7. And, fact of the matter is, the cattle industry is not necessarily some place to be making a ton of money right now. The markets are down, but we also have to remember cattle are a commodity. Typically, commodity markets are cyclical in nature and we are in the low side of one right now. It’s important to support all aspects of the industry and work as a team to make through these less than desirable times. Cattlemen and women are strong and that’s why the cattle industry has stuck around and been a backbone of America for so many years.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



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