#PhotoFriday: Visiting the spring calves

One of my favorite times of the year is when the calves are just about two to three months old. They are the cutest and have a ton of personality. In addition, not only are the calves growing, the crops are starting to be planted and soon their will be corn and soybean sprout poking out of the dirt. 

For my #PhotoFriday this week, I wanted to bring you a few of the “camera hogs” I had while I made a quick trip back North last week. It was cloudy the whole time, but these little ones brightened it up!

In our operation in Ohio, our cows are Chianina, Simmental, Charolais and Maine-Anjou. The calves featured here have these breeds plus two of them are half-blood Angus. Angus bulls are used in our operation for their low birth weights and to potentially add strong maternal traits back into the herd with the heifer calves we keep.

It is also fitting to post these pictures since Mother’s day is just around the corner!

Be on the look out for my upcoming Mother’s Day post.

Happy Friday!



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