5 things my mom is

Have you ever met my mom? If not, you’re about to get a little glimpse of who she is.

Everyone says their mom “is the best.” I truly believe that to be the case because as a matter of fact my mom “is the best.” In honor of Mother’s Day, here are five things my mom is that truly makes her the best. 11014923_863723487016414_2044903481021065744_n

  1. Strong
    She is the strongest person I have ever known in my entire life. Not just physically strong, although she can unload a truck bed full of feed bags, she is mentally and spiritually strong. Living on a farm, I guess have to be. She taught me to stand up for what I believe in. She taught me to keep moving forward because tomorrow is going to be a brighter day. She also taught me to trust in Lord and He is always there no matter where I am. Her and I have matching cross necklaces we wear every day that reminds me of strength in so many way.
  2. Independent
    Not necessarily in the sense that I can just be a “one-man band,” but that I can do anything I want to do. I can dream as big as I want and accomplish what I want if I work hard enough. She taught me it’s ok to think independently of other and not agree with what everyone else is doing. Sometimes going against the grain has more rewards at the end of the tunnel and standing on your own two feet is a good feeling.
  3. Humble
    This is one of her best qualities. I don’t think she knows it though. She does all these amazing things for everyone else. She gets them through their day with no return or reward. She continually works hard to help my brother and I succeed and when it happens she just steps to the sidelines and smiles. She doesn’t ever say, and I am not sure it ever crosses her mind, “well, I helped them get there.” She says “I am so proud of you! Look at what you did!” with a big hug waiting. We have to remind her, “Mom, you’re a lot of the reason we accomplished (fill in the blank).” Being humble is something hard to describe, but if I had to describe it, I would tell someone to go spend a day with my mom.
  4. Selfless
    She will do anything for you no matter what time of the day it is. She will bend over backwards ten times, and do a hand stand in the mix. It truly amazes me how selfless she is and how much she gives back to those around her. One of the gifts I appreciate from here is her time. She is running her own, very successful business 12193631_947077192014376_8841113784189612722_nand has a lot of deadlines to meet. It could be a deadline day and if I needed to talk for an hour or if I needed something she would pick up the phone or book a plane ticket to Florida that same day. She puts everyone else before herself to make sure they have everything they need. It truly amazes me how selfless she really is. Example: She takes care of the steers in the cool room while we are at junior nationals in another state. Then, on show day she flies to the show just to watch us show for maybe ten minutes and flies back the next day. That’s only one example. Tell me that’s not selfless.
  5. Loves unconditionally
    Maybe the best one of all, she loves unconditionally. She taught me the true meaning of love isn’t money or extravagant gifts or something materialistic. It’s time with people, how you treat people and loving them no matter what. That’s what loving unconditionally is. She is always there for us and is our biggest cheerleader even if we are thousands of miles away. She spends all the time she can with her kids and that I am forever grateful for. We can get off our course a little bit, but she always brings us back and loves us even more. Her unconditional love helps us learn valuable life lessons every day.

Can I be like my mom someday? I hope someday to be at least half of what my mom is. She truly is a one of a kind lady. In addition to all those things above, she is smart, funny and beautiful. Thanks for always just being you mom!I also just got a text that she is helping work cows on her day. You’re awesome, mom! I miss and love you all the way from Florida!

Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful Mother’s out there!


Proverbs 31:10-31



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