5 things my dad taught me

This past weekend, I was so excited because I was able to go home to Ohio for a few days and spend Father’s Day with my dad. My time at home made me reflect on the impact my dad has had on me, and everything he has taught me. The list below is just a small portion of the things he has taught me.


  1. A love for agriculture.
    Being away from the farm, I realize, now, how much I took for granted growing up on a farm. It’s a beautiful way of life. Since my dad wanted to continue farming as a career, I was able to have the rare opportunity to be raised on a production agriculture farm. Agriculture has deep roots in American history , and it is so cool to be a part of it. Agriculture has become my life, and I am forever grateful that every aspect of my life has some connection to agriculture. My dad is an extremely admirable steward of the land and you can tell when he talks about the crops or cows, for as frustrating as agriculture may be sometimes, there is nothing else he would rather be doing.
  2. Hard work beats talent every time.
    I mean it is just the facts of life. If you don’t work at something, it is not just going to happen over night. My dad always pushed us to be better than the day before; whether it was showing cattle, playing baseball or softball or writing a research paper. He is always there to support our hard work, and makes sure we have everything we need in order for that hard work to hopefully pay off.
  3. Dedication.
    Dedication to what you do in life is very similar to hard work, but you need dedication to make hard work pay off. My dad is dedicated to the land he farms and his family, and that is how his hard work has become successful. You can work as hard as you want, but until you are dedicated to your work, you will not reap the fruits of your labor.
  4. How to be strong, yet compassionate.
    Strength does not just come from working out. True strength comes from when it has not rained in weeks and the crop is about to get burnt up if the rain does not come soon, or when you just helped a cow have her calf, but the calf is not strong enough to take another breath. But, he still faces the next day. His strength and love for agriculture and those around him, allow him to be compassionate because he cares so deeply about those things and works to keep everything going even when it is not easy.
  5. Honesty, truthfulness and transparency is a key to life.
    One thing my dad always reminded us was to be honest with everyone around us and in anything you do. No one can fault you for not being honest. Yes, the truth hurts sometimes, but being honest with people will get you farther in life. If you are honest with others, they will hopefully be honest with you, but ultimately, you will gain others respect.

Thanks for teaching me these things at such an early age, dad! I love you!




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