Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by The Harsh Truth of Agriculture; I am glad you made it! My name is Jessica Harsh, and I have the unique opportunity to share my story of being raised on a grain production and beef cattle farm. At a young age, I found my passion in the cattle industry and I still get to see cows every single day even though I am not a junior exhibitor anymore. I really can’t image a life not growing up in agriculture. To this day, my life revolves around this amazing industry.

Currently, I am in my last semester of master’s program at the University of Florida working toward my degree in agricultural education and communication with a specialization in communication.

A couple years ago, I was showing in showmanship and the judge asked me what I think the biggest struggle for the agricultural industry will be in the future. My answer: Having agriculturalists and consumers understand one another. The education and communication component of the agricultural industry.

That not only is my motivation for my master’s program and work I do, but also why I love writing on my blog. I want to share my story of agriculture and help others experience agriculture everyday from the golden corn fields of the Midwest to the pearly white cotton fields of the South.

Not only do I love cows and agriculture, I also love white sand and the ocean, awesome gluten-free food (shoutout to my celiac counterparts out there), photography, talking with about anyone, supporting other women in agriculture, and the Southern way of life.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have blog ideas or questions. I am glad you decided to stop by and hope you enjoy reading about the agricultural industry from plants to animals and everything in between through the eyes of Jess.